About Hi-Vac Systems

Hi-Vac is a global leader of efficient, reliable, and innovative industrial vacuum equipment used to clean up or transport a wide variety of materials, including aggregates, powders, sand, dust, slurries, and liquids.

For over 40 years, Hi-Vac has provided the best industrial vacuum equipment for the most demanding applications. You’ll find Hi-Vac industrial vacuum equipment in power plants, chemical plants, glass manufacturing, cement facilities, foundries and various manufacturing facilities where safety, efficiency, recycling, environmental compliance, and effective material management are critical.

At the heart of a Hi-Vac is the exclusive Powerhead design. The Hi-Vac Powerhead combines a powerful positive displacement blower providing high vacuum and low horsepower with our patented three-stage filtration system allowing for combined dry and wet pickup. The Hi-Vac three-stage filtration system combines centrifugal separation, linear separation, and a final stage of cloth dust collection into an efficient and compact design solution.

The Hi-Vac Powerhead is then packaged with the specific set of options to meet the requirements of each application. And the versatility of the Hi-Vac design does not stop there. Hoppers, manifolds, trailers, and mobile packages are available and easily added to the innovative Hi-Vac Powerhead, completing the system with modular components customized and packaged for each application.

Driven by years of experience and innovation, the Hi-Vac Powerhead is clearly the most versatile, efficient, and effective industrial vacuum equipment design in the industry.

Hi-Vac products are designed and proven by industry experts to provide unsurpassed performance for a wide range of vacuum applications.

Hi-Vac also provides a full range of aftermarket support services for its industrial vacuum equipment, including field service, parts, rentals, leasing, and rebuild services.

Our philosophy is to provide the highest quality most reliable industrial vacuum products, supported by world class sales and technical support, strong local and regional partnerships, and an unending focus on customer satisfaction and value.

Hi-Vac is a product of Hi-Vac Corporation with facilities in North America, and Latin America. Hi-Vac Corporation’s corporate headquarters is located in Marietta, Ohio, USA.

Stationary Industrial Central Vacuum System