Portable Vacuum Systems

The industry's most trusted portable vacuum systems

Power on the Move

Hi-Vac portable vacuum systems can provide the optimal balance of power, performance and efficiency perfectly suited for any industrial application. Whether you choose the 800, 400, or 300 Series, reliability is a standard feature.

Standard Features

  • Range in horsepower from 20HP to 75HP electric motor and a maximum vacuum pressure of 16" Hg 
  • Conveying distances of up to 500' through conveying hose or in-plant manifold piping system 
  • Best safety features on the market including low blower oil safety shutdown, high blower discharge temperature safety shutdown, broken filter bag detector safety shutdown 
  • Heavy-duty construction 3/16" steel plate that is built to last 

Available Options 

  • Diesel and LP gas engine packages include clutch and air compressor packages 
  • Breaker assembly used to depressurize vacuum system when used with in-plant piping system 
  • HEPA filter for absolute filtration 
  • Explosion-proof assemblies and control panels


800 Series

Maximum versatility and efficiency come together in the remarkably adaptable 800 Series

400 Series

Versatility, performance, proven features and impressive filtration

300 Series

Economical choice when higher horsepower is not required